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Motherhood is HARD

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Being a mom is HARD...

When I first had my oldest daughter, I went back to work part time. Leaving her at the daycare was HARD.

When she was almost 4 years old, I went back full time, and being away from her for so many hours a week was HARD.

After my divorce, I had to leave my career of 15 years and had to work some nights. Finding people to watch her was HARD.

After I had Violet, I became a stay at home mom during a pandemic. I lost myself in the process, because being at home all day with your baby is not only lonely, but also HARD.

So I turned my passion into a job. But now, I work from home while taking classes, entertaining my toddler and taking care of the house all at the same time. Juggling everything is SO HARD!

What I am trying to say is, being a mother is the hardest job I've ever had, and yet, the most rewarding one! Mothers are true superheroes, and you can't convince me otherwise! This gorgeous mama is an example of just that! She has a full time job as a nurse, a booming business (check her delicious goodies at Truffles by D) that keeps her so busy, is a wife, the greatest mom to the cutest girl and is always supporting other entrepreneur moms! How can she do all that and always look so flawless??? I desperately need some tips because I've been looking more and more like a frumpy mom these days! lol

26 Fev 2022

Motherhood is HARD

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