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Happy Sunday Friends! The sun is shining here in New England, and although the weather is not beach ready, like the picture I chose, I will take it - anything is better than the gloomy days we've been having lately!

But, I picked this image not only because I really loved this session, or because I miss the days I spent enjoying the sun with the fam. I chose this one because often times, when we think of Mommy & Me minis, we picture mamas and their little ones, and that's not the only type of Mother's Day sessions I do. This shoot was so incredibly beautiful and the memories they have now, will be cherished forever! Three generations of strong and beautiful women, who love each other fiercely!

Today I read a quote from Ali Novak that really inspired me to write this blog, it says "Photography is a gift that can keep us in a moment forever, blissfully eternal". So regardless if you have your own children or not, consider giving yourself and your mother the gift of photos together, rather being done professionally or even taken on your phone! I promise you, you will never regret it!

Juliana xo

10 Abr 2022


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