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Why I waited to post Easter pictures 

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Hi friends, am I the only one who thinks Spring skipped New England this year? It's been so cold that I had to turn my heat back on today and we are almost in May!!! I need warm days, pronto!

Anyways, I decided that I am finally ready post some Easter photos today, after a lot of procrastination. I could tell you guys that I've been busy with classes and editing - which I have - but that's only partially the reason why I've waited this long. The truth is, we lost our bunny Viva in a freak accident, and I was having a really hard time since she is in a couple of the shots with clients. It's always so hard losing a pet, specially when you have children who mourn the loss, too.

But we got our new bunny Java right before Easter and I got to photograph her with my girls - or should I say, attempted to. Like any of their photoshoots, it was pure chaos! There was a lot of bribing, fighting and I might have made the empty promise to myself to never photograph them again. Well, we all know that will never happen, because I always end up loving their raw and unfiltered images. Capturing their childhood moments, rather full of smiles or tears, is what makes me love what I do.

So as the saying goes " better late than never", go check out their photos on my Facebook/Instagram as well as the ones of cutest clients that I will be posting in the next couple of days.

Juliana, XO

28 Abr 2022

Why I waited to post Easter pictures 

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